Lovely Traps Dungeon Demo

What is it ?

Lovely traps Dungeon is a small project originally made as an Unreal Engine assets pack showcase but might go a little bit further… This is a 3D platformer with simple controls where observation and reaction are keys to surv– success ! Since it was made to demonstrate how to use some traps mechanics, this game a little bit … hard.

If you want to suff— I mean try it, please check over here : ( free public builds )


Directions on QWERTY : WASD
Directions on AZERTY: ZQSD

Jump : SPACE or X on gamepad
Slow walk on keyboard : left Shift

How to Play :

Use directions and jump. There is no fall damage but you can slip ! There is a fall-off security : Under some horizontal speed you cannot fall off a ledge. I’m so nice !
There is a timer and a screenshot system. One is automatically taken at the end of the level with your time.
The game includes a save system with profiles and checkpoints.

Have fun 😇

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