Stylized Pixel Tower Documention

Stylized 3D medieval fantasy meshes, animations, emitters pack. Soon Available on Unreal Engine Marketplace.


1.1 :

  • Compatibility update for Unreal Engine 4.22
  • Fixed Swords geometries / textures for mode realistic breaking
  • Rescaled swords Handles to better fit characters hands.
  • Some ligthing fixes
  • Post process blueprint improved with easy LUT change (more details in Post Process Documentation)

1.2 :

  • Improved Shields material
  • Alternative shield textures and materials examples !
  • Improved bottles spilled content logic. Fixed decal.
  • lighter liquid “Splatter” image
  • Added Chair
  • Added Mug
  • Added 3 kinds of rocks with procedural material to give unique tones !
  • Landscape Material : Added pebbles layer
  • Post-Process : fixed LUT selector, improved post-process and light blueprints
  • Updated showcase and examples Maps
  • Improved and fixed some materials

1.3 :

  • Renamed MPC_landscape → MPC_Environment
  • Added Wind parameter
  • Improved Glass translucency
  • Improved liquids materials and examples
  • New Splatters effect (material, texture and logic)
  • Added two gonfalons with two kind of supports : Wall bar and stand-alone
  • Animated and fixed materials for each Gonfalon. Animated Ones are using Wind parameter.

1.4 :

  • Fixed Post-Process LUTs handling
  • Rebuild lights from scratch. Now lights are light … sorry, I don’t know how to say it differently 😝
  • Lights radius, intensity and “flickering” are customizable. They can cast shadows or not and be set to Stationary to be included in Lightmass.
  • Improved “magic” grass material
  • Improved Post-Process and added a “Day” mode.

1.5 :

  • Post-process fixes
  • Optimizations for UE 4.25 and maps update

Watch this video on YouTube.
Watch this video on YouTube.

The Maps

The two exemple map are made of three parts :

  1. The garden, with the statue, the broken column and the instanced stylized grass
  2.  The Keep, made of most of this pack assets. All of its materials are instances of a main material. It allows you to easily change the whole building color. Of course, you can use the merge tool to make it a lot lighter since the same parts are repeated. Just turn it into a multiple instanced static mesh components actor.
  3. The other building… let’s call it “barrack”. In this building, the materials are independant and the lighting inside is heavily composed of entering light through the roof and lamps.

Ground material is set to “custom depth” on Day example to avoid “toon” effect on the ground but you can see this effect in the showcase map and the night one.

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